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Throughout her experiences Kiani has realised the way you deal with what is meant for you (whether you want it or not) can ultimately change your life.


Using skills unknowingly forged through major life-changing events, Kiani draws from her own encounters to help others navigate the wilderness of life. Kiani is the epitome of resilience and dedication and encourages others to take a step back, gain a new perspective and identify the key lessons from their own turbulent events - to help clarify their life path.


Kiani works with teams to recognise and break down boundaries while understanding and learning from the lessons that put them in place. Kiani has noticed that in our modern times the connection between teams in the workplace is not being utilised effectively, ultimately impacting success. Her work has been created from a need for this realisation and interconnectivity in the workplace. 

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What is it that is holding you in the present and keeping you from accessing your next level in business?

I have a range of workshops, retreats and presentations that are built on years of experience both in the corporate world and spiritual world

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Kiani Mills is a licensed conveyancer with extensive training in both property law and conveyancing. Backed by her 10 years of experience Kiani is the proud founder of KLM Conveyancing which has now grown into the Impériale Conveyancing empire, specialising in residential conveyancing and developments.

Kiani prides herself on offering a personable service by building trust with her clients to turn what might typically be a stressful experience into a positive and exciting one.

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In this series of videos, Kiani talks you through her approach to a successful property journey. Why use a Byers Advocate? Let Kiani walk you through the ins and outs of working with a Buyers Advocate from saving you precious time in your search to find the perfect property, to managing your expectations and access to off-market properties.

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