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Kiani has been interviewed multiple times, across many media outlets in her career. To understand the journey and her achievements we have collated them together for you.

The property market is an ever-expanding space with so much more to learn day in day out, Ticker property opens the door to a series of helpful updates and hints about marketing a home and of course buying one! 

Kiani also talks about how to use skills unknowingly forged through major life-changing events, Kiani draws from her own encounters to help others navigate the wilderness of life.



Ticker Property | Australian Property Market | 11 March 2021


Ticker Property | Australian Property Market | 04 March 2021


Ticker Property | Australian Property Market | 25 February 2021

Kiani Media.jpeg

Ticker Property | Australian Property Market | 18 February 2021

Kiani Media2.jpeg

Ticker Property | Australian Property News | 11 February 2021


Unfiltered, wholehearted chats about life! 

Welcome to the Beauty & The Pom podcast with Kiani Mills and Andy Reid. Two friends with a very similar set of values, from different walks of life. They have taken different paths to end up in the similar situations!

They are business owners, parents, property enthusiasts and hella short on time, so they bring you this show to shine a light on 'Humanising Business'!

These aren't your every day topics and conversations.. think 'things you wouldn't share at the family dinner table', raw, vulnerable, relatable and packed with tips and tricks to bring your Human Life and Business Life back into a sense of 'Organised Chaos'!

Upgrade your life hacks with Beauty & The Pom! 


Welcome to my conversational interview series! Here I reflect on how moments in my own life have impacted how I got to where I am now.

Kiani Media3.jpeg

Ben Handler, Founder of Buyers Agent Institute shares what led to his success today.

Kiani Media4.jpeg

Jake Edwards- Founder/ CEO of Outside The Locker Room. How his journey has helped support others.

Kiani Media5.jpeg

Braith Bamkin - Executive Director of BNI talks happiness and building the best version of yourself


Contact Kiani Mills using the details below regarding any media enquires.

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